Wednesday, 6 May 2020 – 13:30-15:00

Radioactive Waste Management: Building models for the future.

A humble tribute to Marie Sklodowska and her 2 Nobel Prizes

Join the IEEE Women in Signal Processing Committee for a presentation by guest speaker Lara Duro, followed by a networking session.

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Speaker: Lara is Corporate Managing Director of Amphos 21 Group, a Scientific Environmental Consulting with headquarters in Spain and offices in Chile and in Perú.

She is a chemist by background, with specific training and experience in management. Lara holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry by the UB, a MSc in Environmental management by the Univ. of Malaga, a post degree in Hydrogeology by the UPC, a Master in High Performance Leadership by EADA Business School, Entrepreneurship by Babson Business School, Senior Executive Programme by ESADE Business School.

She started her career in 1994, already working in radioactive waste management projects. Lara has more than 25 years experience on High, intermediate and low level radioactive waste disposal. Along her career she has worked on projects dealing with wasteform studies, radionuclide behaviour nuclear waste repositories, metal barrier performance, long-term performance assessment, legacy wastes, doses to the biosphere and facilitating communication between basic research and application, among other subjects. Lara has worked for the European Commission as partner and lead of different projects, as well as for different radioactive waste management and other industrial companies worldwide.

Lara is author of more than 50 publications in scientific journals, reports and book chapters and she is scientific reviewer and guest editor of scientific journals. Lara has collaborated for more than 10 years as Lecturer of geochemistry in the international course of subterranean hydrogeology of the UPC and collaborates with several specific trainings on radioactive waste management, such as the Nuclear Energy Agency-OECD Thermodynamic Databases. She has been advisor of several Ph.D. students and collaborates actively with research institutions worldwide.

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