Lajos Hanzo, Angela Sera Cacciapuoti and Marcello Caleffi
University of Southampton; University of Naples Federico II

Moore’s law has indeed prevailed since he outlined his empirical rule-of-thumb in 1965, but based on this trend the scale of integration is set to depart from classical physics, entering nano-scale integration, where the postulates of quantum physics have to be obeyed. The quest for quantum-domain communication and processing solutions was inspired by Feynman’s revolutionary idea in 1985: particles such as photons or electrons might be relied upon for encoding, processing and delivering information. Hence in the light of these trends it is extremely timely to build an interdisciplinary momentum in the area of quantum signal processing and communications, where there is an abundance of open problems for a broad community to solve collaboratively. In this workshop-style interactive presentation we will address the following issues:

  • We commence by highlighting the nature of the quantum channel, followed by techniques of mitigating the effects of quantum decoherence using quantum codes.
  • Then we bridge the subject areas of large-scale search problems in wireless communications and exploit the benefits of quantum search algorithms in multi-user detection, in joint-channel estimation and data detection, localization and in routing problems of networking, for example.
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