Wednesday, May 6, 11:30 – 13:30

Wireless Communication systems become more ubiquitous and interconnected with the next generation systems such as 5G terrestrial wireless, high Altitude Platforms (HAP), High Throughput Satellite systems. The sharing of radio frequency bands and the dynamic usage of resources allow to operationally reconfigure network connections. Mobile terminals can interact in different frequency bands with different connection links. On the network layer the links are established dynamically and reconfigured as required by used with software defined networks and Metro Ethernet principles. In this context the signal processing in the communication systems, transmitters, receivers, network control systems face the challenging requirements to access frequency resources dynamically, detect interference, optimize the network configuration, configure the radio resources operationally.

Terrestrial networks are deploying new 5G based networks in different frequency bands and using frequency sharing techniques and flexible spectrum access where possible. Signal Processing can help address these novel challenges of shared spectrum access and radio resource management in an environment of dynamic heterogeneous access to spectrum in different frequency bands which are shared.

High altitude platforms make their first entry into service recently and provide base stations that can access wide open areas with cost effective means and provide emergency wireless network access after catastrophic failures of terrestrial networks due to bad weather Storms or Earthquakes. The first HAPs services are deployed with increasing availability and dynamic resource management to help optimize a network that is constantly changing its base station position and network topology.

Novel satellite systems are emerging from low Earth orbit LEO to geostationary GEO constellations. These novel satellite systems are fully digitized and can access the spectrum very dynamically with configurable resource allocation per beam, beamforming and unprecedented flexibility on the satellite network side. This also requires a new kind of network management strategy. Signal processing at different levels of the network can support this resource allocation decision making in new satellite systems.

Within this context the panel tries to address key questions of how signal processing and data analytics fits into the management and network organization mechanisms of such novel telecom systems and how signal processing techniques can be used to leverage the flexibility of resource allocation in such networks.

  • How can signal processing be used to optimize terrestrial wireless network system which can access the spectrum dynamically?
  • Which challenges does the signal processing in the communication receivers face when the radio resources are dynamically configurable following the traffic needs?
  • How can data analytics of traffic patterns be leveraged to plan and operationally optimize network configurations?
  • How do we integrate satellite, airborne platforms and terrestrial networks seamlessly?
  • Do the modern SP techniques based on big data processing help an application based seamless integration and how?

The Industry Panel consists of industry experts from both terrestrial wireless and satellite industry and address these core questions of the role of signal processing in the context of next generation wireless telecom networks, terrestrial, satellite and Aero networks.

List of speakers:

  • Ali Khayrallah, Engineering Director at Ericsson Research, Ericsson
  • Jeroen Wigard, Research Manager at Nokia Bells Labs, NOKIA Bells Labs
  • Elisa Callejo Luis, Software and Ground Segment Product Manager at Thales Alenia Space, Thales Alenia Space Spain
  • Antonio Franchi, Senior telecommunications executive specialized in satellite and 5G systems, ESA
  • Olof Liberg, Standards Engineer, 3GPP TSG RAN, ERICSSON
  • Oriol Vidal, Telecom prospective – Broadband R&D/strategy System Engineering support, AIRBUS

Organizer: Joel Grotz, Senior Manager, Adaptive Resource Control Lead, O3b mPOWER Programme, SES Engineering

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