Wednesday, May 6, 16:30 – 17:30

Today, 5G becomes a reality as we have witnessed the rapid global roll-out of 5G networks. The deployment of 5G will realize the vision of “connect of everything” and will enable the digital transformation for every vertical business. 5G will continue evolving to enhance its capabilities for supporting this lofty vision.

We see the emerging of 6G on the horizon, which is believed to realize “connected intelligence”, solving human and societal challenges in many aspects. The research community has started to look into the vision and requirements for the definition of 6G. The long term process for technology research, ecosystem alignment and global standardization will likely continue to carry on for the next decade. In this talk we share our perspective on the 6G and its development path.

We also present the earlier definition for 6G and the view on enabling technologies. The spectrum allocation opportunities and envisioned timeline. We discuss the key questions regarding the applications and services which can be enabled by 6G.

Speaker: Peiying Zhu, IEEE Fellow, Senior Vice President of Wireless Research, Huawei, Canada

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