Tutorials have been officially announced. This year we are glad to present the following tutorials:

  1. Graph Filters with Applications to Distributed Optimization and Neural Networks
  2. Distributed and Efficient Deep Learning
  3. Adversarial Robustness of Deep Learning Models: Attack, Defense and Verification
  4. Signal and Image Processing for Art Investigation
  5. Robust Data Science: Modern Tools for Detection, Clustering and Cluster Enumeration
  6. Game theoretic learning and applications to spectrum collaboration
  7. Biomedical Image Reconstruction—From Foundations to Deep Neural Networks
  8. Signal Processing for MIMO Communications Beyond 5G
  9. Machine Learning and Wireless Communications
  10. Information Extraction in Joint Millimeter-Wave State Sensing and Communications: Fundamentals to Applications
  11. Quantum Signal Processing & Communications – a Glimpse beyond Moore’s Law
  12. Graph Neural Networks

Do not miss the opportunity to join this high-qualified tutorials!

Pol Henarejos

Pol Henarejos received the Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Telecommunication Engineering High School from Barcelona (ETSETB) of Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in May 2009. In 2012, he obtained the Master of Science in Research on Information and Communication Technologies from UPC. In 2017, he obtained the Ph.D. degree from UPC, with a distinction Cum Laude. He joined the CTTC in January 2010 in Engineering area and he worked prototyping the physical layer communication technologies using software development. He is an expert in terrestrial and satellite technologies, such as LTE, 5G-NR, DVB-S2X, BGAN or Li-Fi. He participated in European projects such as PHYDYAS and FANTASTIC-5G, in European Space Agency programs (Satnex III, Satnex IV, SATAI) and with industrial contracts. He is also the promoter of the CASTLE Platform, a cloudified architecture for hybrid satellite and terrestrial networks. Currently he is researching on the development of new Artificial Intelligence algorithms for satellite communications, implementation of physical stack of many standards and enabling 5G and beyond technologies on flexible multicast and broadcast communications.

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