• Author Video Instructions
  • Conference Program Schedule: The conference will follow the original schedule in Barcelona local time (CEST time zone), subject to minor modifications

Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author or qualified proxy present the paper at the virtual conference, by uploading a video presentation and being present at the corresponding Question and Answer (Q&A) Forum. This Q&A Forum will consist of a public board associated with each paper where attendees may post questions. Questions posted during one week after the scheduled presentation time should be answered within the next 72 hours after posting. Session chairs will monitor the activity of these Q&A sessions and will be asked to report back on situations of inactivity, which will potentially imply the declaration of a no-show.

Instructions to Access the Virtual Conference Site

After registering at https://cmsworkshops.com/ICASSP2020/Registration.asp, you will receive an email with a four/five digit Confirmation Number. To access the virtual site, go to https://2020.ieeeicassp-virtual.org/attendee/login and use your email as login and your four/five digit Confirmation Number as password.

For technical questions regarding the virtual conference platform, please contact support@ieeeicassp-virtual.org 

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